Conversations Drive Outcomes: Engaging Hard-to-Reach Medicare and Medicaid Populations

In every plan population, there are members who need to take key actions like visiting a provider or refilling a prescription who do not engage with outreach. Whether they have outdated contact information on file, low health literacy, or simply never pick up calls from unknown phone numbers, these members are at higher risk of negative outcomes due to lower awareness of benefits, services, and preventive care resources. This white paper explores how leading Medicare and Medicaid plans are using automated conversations on mobile channels to engage difficult-to-reach members and drive powerful outcomes for populations that often need help the most.

Key Takeaways

— 1 —

21% engagement rate for in-home assessments

— 2 —

Explore key considerations for engaging hard-to-reach Medicare and Medicaid members

— 3 —

31% click-through to update out-of-date mailing addresses