Improve Program Adoption, Engagement and Coaching Support with Conversational AI Solutions

Over the last decade, an influx of innovative population health and wellness programs have come to market to help manage chronic conditions, meet employee wellness goals and deliver targeted care to unique populations of consumers.

Still, significant challenges exist like signing up new members efficiently, engaging them throughout the program, and using staff effectively to coach, manage, or assist them.

Leading wellness companies across the landscape are finding success in meeting these challenges and differentiating their programs through conversational texting in three key areas: Program Adoption, Program Engagement, and Health Coaching Support.

This white paper highlights the advantages of conversational text messaging and how it creates powerful dialogues that positively impact consumer outcomes and experience within a wellness program.

Key Outcomes in this White Paper:

of new members signed up via text channel after implementing mPulse
link click-through rate to new lessons for chronic condition management
positive or neutral sentiment for text dialogues triggered by health coaches