Reminders 2 Refill: How Interactive Texts Improve Medication Adherence in a Non-Adherent Population

In this webinar, Rena Brar Prayaga, Behavioral Data Scientist of mPulse Mobile and Chris Nicholson, CEO of mPulse Mobile, share data and insights from a three-month program with a large Integrated Delivery Network in California seeking to optimize patient outcomes and lower costs.

The presentation covers how engaging Medicare patients with two-way texts prompting them to reply to medication refill reminders impacted medication adherence and pharmacy operations, and the value of text messaging as an additional prescription refill channel.

Key Takeaways

— 1 —

14.1 PP incremental increase in the Rx refill rate.

— 2 —

96% of patients found the texts and refill process easy to use.

— 3 —

37% overall engagement rate with positive sentiment.