AI and Mobile Phones: How Kaiser Permanente Uses Conversational AI to Activate Behavior Change

Conversational AI creates a powerful way to deliver automated conversations that uncover barriers and other key factors that influence how consumers behave. Kaiser Permanente Orange County used this technology to improve self-management behaviors within their controlled diabetic population over a period of 6 months following their A1c test result. They leveraged mPulse Mobile’s Conversational AI technology to deliver conversations that capture insights about individuals in real-time and then tailor mobile dialogues to drive healthy behavior change.

Key Takeaways

— 1 —

Conversational AI delivered over 397,000 tailored conversations to over 11,000 in control diabetics over the 6 month time period.

— 2 —

The percentage of diabetic members whose A1c levels increased above 7 in the six month period following their previous A1c result decreased 24% to 17%.

— 3 —

Conversational AI is used to create dynamic profiles of each member in the population that update real-time as they engage in conversations.