Retain and Transition: A State-Based Approach to Reenrollment

A lot is at stake as states prepare for re-enrollment April 1st.  Nearly 91 million members were enrolled across programs in September 2022. As states transition back to normal operations, a well-informed and organized approach to determining eligibility and transitioning members to marketplace coverage becomes critical.
Government programs and insights expert, Reva Sheehan, and Vice President of National Plans, Christian Bagge, will be joined by special guest John Szczech, Senior Manager of Medicaid Operations, at Kaiser Permanente to discuss how states can plan and prepare for a successful re-enrollment.
Key Discussion Topics & Takeaways:
  • State-based insights from leading plans across the nation, and how their strategies can inform best practices
  • Do’s and Don’ts when transitioning members from Medicaid to ACA
  • How Kaiser Permanente, is approaching reenrollment
  • How innovative, digital touchpoints can help plans obtain member information, educate members on key enrollment topics, and drive action

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Best state-by-state practices for reenrollment outreach we recommend to plans
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How to avoid member abrasion and ensure continuous health coverage for members
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How your plan can reduce churn and empower members to maintain coverage through the reenrollment period