How Interactive Text Messaging Revolutionizes Patient Engagement


The healthcare industry faces uncertain times regarding the transition to value-based care (VBC). But whether an organization’s focus is on value, growth or both, the strategy that remains a cornerstone of effective care delivery is patient engagement.

From managing a diabetic population to maximizing retention of patients, leading healthcare organizations have embraced patient engagement as a core component of their strategy. Consistently, these organizations leverage Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging as a key communication channel to engage patients throughout the care continuum.

This white paper highlights how interactive text messaging revolutionizes patient engagement through 5 programs all centered around key patient engagement use cases.

Key Outcomes in this White Paper:

reduction in diabetic patients falling out of A1c control 
reduction in no-shows with mPulse's Appointment Reminder solution
lift in refills for patients with diabetes, hypertension & high cholesterol