Activating Medicare Members for Better Outcomes and Improved Quality Ratings

Are you putting your consumers first?

Medicare plans not only must provide the health services seniors need, but also effectively educate them on available benefits and empower them to take action to improve their health. Activating members to change their behaviors requires commitment and effort across the organization, but is essential to delivering an excellent member experience and better health outcomes.

94% of US adults aged 50-64 owning cellphones, and text messages have very high read rates of 98%. Your members are mobile and so must you be to meet them where they are.

This white paper discusses what Conversational AI is and how it activates Medicare members for better outcomes and improved quality ratings. It outlines the four key components of a successful strategy with case studies from leading organizations that have employed Conversational AI.


Key Outcomes in this White Paper:

refill rate of targeted Medicare group through an interactive text program
improvement in colorectal cancer screening completion rate
reduction in diabetic churn for an IDN targeting its 23,000 diabetic members