Conversational AI Orchestrates Medicaid Member Engagement and Quality Initiatives

The Managed Care Organization used mPulse Mobile's Conversational AI solutions to engage and activate their members. A primary goal was to improve the Child and Adolescent Well-Care Visits HEDIS measures (W15, W34, AWC) by driving increased primary care visit rates for their members under the age of 19.

Key Takeaways

— 1 —

PCP visits rates for the 2-6 year-old group increased by 9.9 percentage points, the 7-11 year-old group increased by 11.1 and the 12-19 year-old group increased by 6.9.

— 2 —

Over 300,000 tailored conversations were delivered to ~17,000 members over a 12 month period, creating an average of 60 new touchpoints per member.

— 3 —

The program orchestrated conversations relating to over 40 different health topics, with an average member response rate of 25%.