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COVID-19 Strategic Communications

Rapid Roll-out Tool Kit

mPulse Mobile has collaborated with more than 20 healthcare organizations to support communication to patients and members about COVID-19. Since the WHO declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic, mPulse has sent over 22 million COVID-19-related messages and counting across SMS, email, IVR and mobile web.

Check out our COVID-19 tool kit. It features a full suite of COVID-19 programs and resources to help you efficiently and effectively connect your population to services, information, and updates during this crisis. Our automated outreach helps our partners focus on delivering care and support, instead of managing outreach manually.

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COVID-19 Programs

COVID-Program-Core Information Icon
Core Informational Messaging

COVID-Program-Alert Messages Icon
Alert Messaging

COVID-Program-Fotonovelas Icon

COVID-Program-Telehealth Icon
Telehealth Adoption

COVID-Program-Mail Order Pharmacy Icon
Mail Order Pharmacy

COVID-Program-Employee Communication Icon
Employee Communication

COVID Program Text-in Chatbot Icon
Text-in Chatbot

COVID-Program-Symptom Survey Icon
Symptom Survey

COVID Program Social Isolation Icon
Social Isolation

COVID Program Telehealth Engagement Icon
Telehealth Engagement

Key Capabilities

Multi-Channel Platform

mPulse supports SMS, IVR, Email, and secure mobile web through our enterprise-grade technology platform.

Proven Security and Scale

We maintain HITRUST certification and send over 250 million messages annually, all for healthcare clients.

Rapid Set-Up

COVID-19 programs are designed to be easy to configure and implement. We have launched in as few as 2 days with current clients during the outbreak.

Dedicated Account Management Teams

mPulse supports all of our partners with dedicated team experienced in health communications and engagement.

An Evolving Situation

As the nature and impact of the pandemic in the US shifts evolves, the content, frequency and goal of outreach from healthcare organizations will need to adapt. We developed this toolkit and have invested heavily in adding additional programs and capabilities to help our partners create and maintain vital lines of communication with their populations. We have quickly rolled out new processes, content libraries, and technical capabilities to meet our clients’ needs. And we will continue to do so as those needs evolve.

About mPulse Mobile

mPulse Mobile has over a decade of experience with healthcare outreach and sends over 250 million messages per year for our healthcare partners. We are HIPAA and TCPA-compliant, and HITRUST-certified with an in-house content and behavioral data science team to assist with program content and optimization. In crisis situations, our account and client services teams are valuable trusted partners for technology configuration, content development, and messaging strategy. This allows our healthcare organizations to redirect valuable resources to other critical priorities.