Conversational AI Drives Behavior Change to Improve Diabetes Self-Management

The IDN used mPulse Mobile's Conversational AI solution to improve A1c control through better self-management skills. The primary goal was to reduce the number of in-control diabetics who fell to an out of control status over the 6-month study time period.

Key Takeaways

— 1 —

The percentage of diabetic members whose A1c levels increased above 7 in the six month period following their previous A1c result decreased 24% to 17%.

— 2 —

In the target population of 29,000 members, 2,000 additional patients maintained blood sugar control over the time period of the study.

— 3 —

Members received an average of 21 conversations over the 6 month time frame, with a 23.2% overall response rate.

Our Providers Say

"mPulse is a great partner who can not only deliver on the promise of engagement, but also deliver on the promise of motivation and delivering behavioral change."

Director of Consumer Insights, California Medicare Plan

SCAN Health Plan

About mPulse Mobile

mPulse Mobile, the leader in Conversational AI solutions for the healthcare industry, drives improved health outcomes and business efficiencies by engaging individuals with tailored and meaningful dialogue. mPulse Mobile combines behavioral science, analytics and industry expertise that helps healthcare organizations activate their consumers to adopt healthy behaviors.

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