Conversational AI Drives Behavior Change to Improve Diabetes Self-Management

The IDN used mPulse Mobile's Conversational AI solution to improve A1c control through better self-management skills. The primary goal was to reduce the number of in-control diabetics who fell to an out of control status over the 6-month study time period.

Key Takeaways

— 1 —

The percentage of diabetic members whose A1c levels increased above 7 in the six month period following their previous A1c result decreased 24% to 17%.

— 2 —

In the target population of 29,000 members, 2,000 additional patients maintained blood sugar control over the time period of the study.

— 3 —

Members received an average of 21 conversations over the 6 month time frame, with a 23.2% overall response rate.